Fresh Cranberry and Valrohna Dark Cocolate

Hello all, The purpose of this posting is to say a big thanks to all of you that regularly contribute to the Forum. I have been seriously Baking exclusively Sourdough for just over a year and you have been an incredible sources of information and support I have finally came up with a receipe that I can use as a base with several variation.This is a 75% white flour, 23 % spelt and 2 % Rye One variation was to make a cranberry chocolate Sourdough for the holiday. One of the challenge was the burning of the chocolate on the surface. I finally got it down, by going back to my old technique of using my Dutch oven( Creuset) that worked beautifully for this variation. I usually bake on a stone in the oven. I have included 2 pictures taken from my phone. Not exactly high res, but it give you a good idea. The crust is hard but not thick, the inside is moist with an open structure. Thanks again everyone and happy holiday Dan Montreal
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