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Julian B

Hi folks,

Now have a very lively culture brewing in too many jars and taking up too much space in a fridge that is very petite.

I've now tried a few recipes from well regarded members here and have included a photo of my attempt at one of Shiao-pings recipes. 

I autolyse without salt for around 30 mins, add salt and soaked seeds, do around 5 stretch and folds, proof until almost doubled, shape and retard in the fridge on a tray, remove the next morning and warm for ~1 hour and bake on a stone.The loaf rises outwards, and oven spring favours a similar pattern but I am after a rounder finish rather than a flatter one. The loaf is still a little too dense for me and the base is a little more solid than I would like.

I am yet to source a peel, banneton and some alternative flours- any help here would be appreciated.

Thanks folks,


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