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 [url=][img]http://farm9... Sourdough Loaf[/url] by [url=]Francis Foley[/url], on FlickrSourdough Loaf InteriorThe Sourdough LoafThis is my first attempt at baking sourdough bread, I got a good rise, hope it tastes nice. More anon.   The first cut into the sourdough loaf, very tasty, the sourness was slight and there is not much left after the family dug into it. [url=][img]http://farm9... Loaf Interior[/url] by [url=]Francis Foley[/url], on Flickr


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Hugo 2013 March 29

I think I'm a bit jaleous because my first few breads were not that good looking. You've got a very nice and "happy" crust there. And the internal structure looks just fine, like a french batard or baguette bread from my heavenly-good local bakery. What recipe/technique did you use to get these nice results? Are you using a home-grown sourdough culture?

ffoley 2013 March 29

I used my own homemade starter, but I thought the techniques shown on this site were too time consuming and I went googling and found this technique.  Its basically combine your starter with flour and water, leave it in a cling filmed bowl for at least 8 hours. Take it out and form it into a shape, I used a colander, heat a Le Cruset Pot in a 230 oC oven for half an hour, place you dough in the pot, cook for 30 minutes, remove the lid at cook for another 15 minutes at 200 oC.

ffoley 2013 April 2

This is my second attempt at Sourdough, this time I added a little Wholemeal Flour, I find that the interior is more moist than my first try. Is is supposed to be moist?

The other 2 loaves are my brown yeast bread.



[url=]FF_20130330_0001_... by [url=]Francis Foley[/url], on Flickr After cutting in, notice the moistness on the uncut section. [url=][img]http://farm9... by [url=]Francis Foley[/url], on Flickr


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