Experiment: Trying different ways to hibernate and wake up starter


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farinam 2014 October 24

Hello Sheryl,

I have recently been on holidays and last made bread and fed the starter a week before departing and left it in its jar in the fridge, lid loosely screwed on (just a turn to engage the threads).  Returned after four weeks away (total neglect time five weeks) and took out my normal aliquot to make the levain for baking and away it went maybe just a little below its normal activity.

Once before, having been away for maybe a week more, it needed a couple of feeds to be back on top form.

Obviously people can have different experiences but the old sourdough does seems to be a remarkably robust beast in the general scheme of things.

Good luck with your project and look forward to your final dissertation.


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108 breads 2014 October 25

Thank you for the good wishes. Now on the second day and I took some photos. Just added them to the experiment post. I will look back around Veterans Day, though I might peek at the jars and the plastic bag (dried starter) from time to time before that.

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108 breads 2014 October 25

Not sure what, if any, countries observe Veterans Day outside the US, where, truth be told, really only federal workers and those in related offices get the day off. The date celebrates the armistace at the end of the First World War and, I believe, was originally called Armistace Day. That's it for the history bit.

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