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Evening from the uk, found this wonderful forum and had to sign up.

ive been baking yeasted  breads at home for around 5 years and only just recently started to bake sour doughs, which I can positively say has been nothing but a learning curve, with some good results but also some disasters..I think I'm on the right track now though but the problem I can't resolve is the dough sticking to the cane banetton.

i flour My dough / and banetton with a sprinkling of flour and fine semolina mixed together,I am using a 75% hydration recipe and as the weather is hot here ATM proving takes around 4 hours..


i manage to tease the dough out from the up turned banetton but I am losing the proved shape and getting a stretched top to my loaf. Although oven spring does increase the volume of the finished loaf I feel I could still achieve better .


how can I stop my proved loaf from sticking ??? I have also tried proving on a floured couche/baking cloth but again the dough stuck fast to this too.


all suggestions will be greatly recieved 

Thanks dale

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farinam 2013 July 23

Hello Dale,

Perhaps you could try wholemeal flour, either wheat or preferably rye.  Another alternative would be rice flour.

I use rye in mine and have never had a problem except for a minor hang up (that still eventually released cleanly) after a very long proving time.

There is a blog article here by Graham dealing with use and care of bannetons that you might like to read.

Good luck with your projects.


Electricboots 2013 July 23


I agree with Farinam- I don't use wheat products for flouring the banneton as the wheat gluten causes little fibrous strings to tie the dough to the dusted surface. I am currently using rice flour, having decided to finish a pack that was bought for shortbread, but I have also had no trouble with rye or potato flour. I am going to stay with the rice flour as it seems to give a better finish on the cooked loaves than the potato flour and seems to be less messy because it sticks well to the bannetons without flaking off.


davo 2013 July 23

Well, I use a mix of rye and rice! Rye works pretty well but still sticks a bit, Rice won;t stick at all. But I like the wholemeal rye character, and find that a 50-50 mix works pretty well. Occasionally if I do a 24 hr retard in the fridge, it gets a bit sticky. the biggest issue then is that the skin will shear off the body of the loaf as you "hang" it upside down trying to get it out, and you get this flying top type effect in the final loaf - cavern under the top skin.

One thing i do when I remember to, is the following, which I do part-way through the proof/retard (whether that's half-way through a 5/6 hr proof in a straight-through process, or say in the morning after starting to retard prev night, when going to bake the second night):

Pick up the banettoned loaf and roll it on its side and tease the skin off the banetton. Repeat ont he remaining side. This just stops it settling too deeply and helps it come out easier.

If you use rice flour and are fairly liberal, you won' even need to ever do this, don't think you could make a loaf stick with that stuff in there....

Dale 2013 July 24

Thanks for all the answers and for telling me what you bakers are using, I will try these and see what works best .

sounds like the rice flour is in for a try first.

Dale 2013 July 29

Hi all

as promised feed back . I have just baked two loaves and used ground rice to coat the banetons , dough came out with no effort at all and baked with the most delicious crisp crunchy crust :)

gongoozler 2013 July 29

Hi Dale,

I always use rice flour. Another tip is to spray the banneton with a light coating of oil as it is sometime difficult to get the  flour to stick up the sides.

Happy baking,


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highsky 2013 August 5

I use 50/50 wholemeal and strong flours on my breads.
A tray covered with a cotton cloth floured with cornflour works great for my big loafs.

Had similar issues when used semolina or wholemeal


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