Dense bread. Can't figure out how to lighten inside density


Help!  I have a thriving starter that I got from KA website in November.  I feed twice before attemptingto bake.  The inside of my bread is so dense.  It also has no range or taste like sour dough.  It tastes like dense white bread.  Can I please have some pointers on how you make a airy inside loaf of sour dough?  I have been using the basic sour dough recipe on the KA website.  Picture is my last loaf...

thank you in advance!


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mozzie 2013 January 17

Haven't been able to track down "KA website". Its probably easiest for you to post a link, as its fairly hard to advise what to correct, until we know what you have done!

The easiest would be to try one of the recipes on this website, even if you use your current starter.  Also, mre pics would help showing crust colour, bottom crust shape etc.

The only comment I could make is it looks a bit underproofed, but thats a complete guess!

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farinam 2013 January 17

Hello Vanessa,

You didn't tell us much about your recipe or the procedures that you followed.  One possibility is that the loaf has not been proved sufficiently.  The crust also looks rather pale so I also wonder what oven temperature you were using.

On the matter of taste, bread made with a sourdough starter does not have to taste sour (the sour in sourdough refers to the starter more so than the bread) and there is a lot of discussion about how to get more or less sour in the finished product.

Perhaps if you can give us a bit more detail we can be more specific.  In the mean-time you would do well to read SourDom's beginners blogs on this site if you haven't already.

Good luck with your projects.


Vllock 2013 January 18

Thank you.  I am trying again today with longer proof and longer knead.  I will write down step by step what I do soi can post after it comes out of oven.  This picture is what I woke to this am...  Fed at 9:00 last night....shoot, can't figure out how to add a picture to a reply.

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