Decided to post pics of my loafs


After many months on this forums, I have decided to post some pics of my loaves.

Being in China, I have access to a variety of restaraunt equipment so my first two things I bought

was a proper oven, and mixer. That was decided after my loaves were not turning out well in the

mini-oven I was using due to improper heating. The mixer was bought to overcome my lack of

strength in mixing the dough.

Here are some pics of my loaves.

I hope you enjoy.



This is just my regular Sourdough Bread. As you can see I use bread molds.

This is my Sourdough Onion Bread.


Thats all for now.







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Midnite Baker 2011 November 27

Welcome to this forum.  Doesn't using all the proper equipment make life easier, though.  Having good equipment just makes me want to bake more.  Your bread looks yummy.  Is that onion pieces in your bread?  Hope you will post more breads in the future.  Happy Baking. M


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