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.Hi Bakers, Could anybody steer me in the right direction to purchase a Danish Dough Whisk in Australia please ?

I usually use just my trusty wooden spoon, but the dough whisk looks so much easier and the dough doesn't seem to stick!!!!! Thankyou in anticipation........

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farinam 2011 December 7

Hello Sharona,

Best places to try would probably be maybe Vital Ingredient, Peters of kensington or somewhere that specialises in bakery equipment.  There are some advertise on eBay etc if you wanted to go that route.

The wire bit on the end looks rather fragile to me to be handling dough of any consistency.  Personally, I use a chopstick to incorporate my ingredients, then I lift and fold with my bowl scraper to incorporate the last of the dry bits.  Also use that to detach any dough that has stuck to the chopstick.

If you do get one, let us know how it goes.


heh 2012 April 6

 I got both of mine online from Breadtopia's Store. The following link should get you there: www.breadtopia.com/store/whisks.html 

They are more robust than one would think. There are two sizes and I purchased both. For the price, I am most pleased with them. They beat the heck out of wooden spoons of any sort, and they clean up nicely. I recommend them highly. 


damascus knife 2021 February 27

I had heard about danish whisk from so many people and I was wondering why would people need a dough whisk but after reading your article I got my answer thanks a lot for your help and keep doing it great work

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