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Coarse Rye Flour/Rye Meal in Melbourne?

Hi all,

First time poster that's struggling to find the ingredients for the 100% Sourdough Rye loaf in Peter Reinharts BBA. I've had no issue getting fine rye flour, but I can't find anywhere that sells coarse rye flour or rye meal in Melbourne.

If anyone has had any luck with this, I'd really really really appreciate the assistance!
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lily 2008 September 4

Without knowing the recipe requirements I use a local product from Lauke Milling called wholemeal rye.  They have a mill at Bridgewater on Loddon.  It's also organic.
makebread 2010 March 21

Hi gmask1

Try this shop in Burwood, I bought coarse rye there some time ago:

The Mixing Bowl, 1387 Toorak Rd, Burwood Village, Camberwell 3124

Hope this will help. 



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