Ciabatta Troubles


I have been baking ciabatta for about four months. I use a four shelf convection oven in a local restaurant.  I use a room temp fermentation for 18 to 24 hours in sealed containers.  The basis temp in the kitchen is between 58 and 65 degrees.


When I first started making this bread, it turned out beautiful.  In the recent weeks however, I am troubled by inconsistent, wet crumb.  The loaves come out of the oven at between 205 and 210 degrees. The color is the same as it always was.  Once it is cool, I bag it and take it up to the restaurant for dinner service.  The restaurant is beginning to complain -- and I cant blame them. 


The only difference between four months ago and now, is that the weather is more humid (aka raining a lot).


I need input as to how to correct this problem.   


Anyone with ideas, please respond.  Thanks

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rossnroller 2010 April 6

Hi riverbaker,

It might help folk here to make some informed suggestions if you give a bit more detail.

eg: Is the ciabatta sourdough? What's the formulae, flour used, method including proof times. Baking details?



riverbaker 2010 April 9

Ross, thank you. I may need to go to another baking site as I think this is all sourdough.  Dont know how I got in here.

rossnroller 2010 April 9

[quote=riverbaker]Dont know how I got in here.[/quote]

Haha - often the way with web browsing, isn't it? The Fresh Loaf is my 'other' forum - full of helpful, experienced amateur artisan bakers and a few pros, and a lot do yeasted breads as well as SD - might be worth a post there. Anyway, hope you get some answers, riverbaker.

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