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Ciabatta (no knead)

Hi all,

Here's some ciabatta i baked on the weekend...

Original method/recipe is from [url=]here[/url]

Recipe for those not wanting to click...


200 w
400 fl
30 st


90 w
100 fl
(600 sponge)

final hydration after autolyze + salt

90 w
6 salt

Couple of things to point out with this one : i didnt knead the dough at all...just combined by hand or stirred in all ingredients when called for -with the wrong end of a wooden spoon (bout 30secs each time till combined). Once i'd added last amount of water and salt, i did folds for entire bulk ferment every hour or so (bout 8 all up), right up until ready for dividing and baking.

Other interesting this is the fantastic proving conditions we have in Melbourne at the moment :Initial sponge took about 36hrs to triple in size, bulk took about 8hrs...yes, its cold.

Well worth the wait though...


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MC 2009 June 16
I have been experimenting with various ciabatta recipes but have yet to make a no-knead one. Seeing how lovely it turned out with your method, I'll have to give it a try when I come back from my trip!

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