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I've been making sourdough for over a year now and I have just discovered that my local flour mill sells Campaillou flour. I have been given 3kg of it to try out. My first attempt was okay, but rather more dense than my normal loaf.

Does anyone know if there are any special techniques to get the best out of this flour? 

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Cfoxley 2012 November 25

I have found this recipe:

I am pretty sure you can figure out the basic recipe ingredients: water (eau), flour of campaillou and yeast (levure).

unfortunately there is not any more information that this.  

Good luck with this bread.  When we go to Switzerland, a yearly trip, I always buy this Campaillou bread and had not realised that it was made with a special 'blend' of flours.  Please post your results.

If you are in the UK, could you let me know where you found this flour as i would love to order some.

Good Baking!

HopesHope 2012 November 25

Campaillou flour is a mixture of Rye and Wheat.   Since your bread is coming out a bit dense, it sounds to me there is more wheat in the mix than there is rye.     Wheat flour doesn't rise because of the heaviness of the grain, so it is usually mixed with a good source of white flour, or add gluten so you can get the proper rise needed to make a lighter bread.





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