California bio culture via Californian honey?



I've been experimenting with different starters and still havn't had any luck getting a good sour bread. I have ordered a few San Francisco starters but I've been told that they wont last long before the local yeast and bacteria take over. One thing I wondered is if you were to source honey from California, shouldn't that contain the local yeast and hopefully lactobacillus? If this idea were to work, anyone could create and maintain a SF sourdough starter. Any thoughts?

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RobCollier 2011 December 1

Personally, I'd just concentrate on developing your bread making technique.

I don't believe there's anything special about SF/California yeast/bacteria strains, all Y/B strains will create a beautiful loaf if maintained well. The key in achieving sourness is manipulating the dough by retarding.

Microflora Racism!

Get some local, organic flour and build your own starter- it's far more satisfying to control the entire process.

chazzone 2011 December 3

 I agree with Rob.  I was looking at several speciality starters when I decided to make my own starter with locally grown "organic" whole wheat flour, and it has been the equal or superior to any sourdough I've had anywhere.

I can make anything from a light airy white dinner roll, to a very tart bread that holds it own against sauces and jellies.



Countrygirl 2011 December 13

San Francisco Sourdough is ok. I have had good San Fran. and I have had blah San Fran. I think that to get a good bread you have to use a combination of factors, and every baker's bread will be different.  That being said, I agree with Rob. Also using honey from cali will only bring a few of the bacteria as bacteria only survives in honey as spores and only a few bacteria have spores, so the results will not be what is expected, or even very yummy. It is true your starter will adapt to whatever is in your environment, some of which is good and yummy and some of which is yuck. You will just have to try and get a good yeast culture growing. Also the best source is on the actual flour which you are using. Try to get a good, (local if possible), organic flour. Whole grains have the most yeast.

Good luck!!


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