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So I finally killed my old pizza stone. It cracked in half about a year ago. I was fine to just put the two halves together and continue baking. Well, now its in three pieces and definately not as easy to bake on anymore. I am looking to replace it but I want something that will cover the whole bottom rack (with a little breathing room around the sides). roughly 18 x 22 inches. I have been looking for unglazed quarry tiles without any luck.

Soo, What do you use for a baking stone? Has anyone been able to find Quarry tile, and does it work well/ won't crack for baking? I also have very little money to spend so custom ordering stone or clay is not an option for me.

Thanks in advance for the imput!


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blanyon 2012 November 30

I ended up going to bunnings and buying a paver for about $2-3 the size isnt perfect but it does a great job, it obviousy takes longer to heat up as its a lot bigger but I havent busted it yet after constant use over 12 months.


davo 2012 November 30

See if there is a stone mason nearby that makes kitchen benches etc - if you can get an offcut you can bake on the rough side. Mine has cracked in two but I just assemble them on that rack (in my 800 mmm wide oven) and I get two large loaves in at a time...

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farinam 2012 November 30

Hello Alvaremj,

Try your local flooring store and see if they have unglazed terracotta floor tiles of an appropriate size.  That's what I use (for more years that I like to remember).

Good luck with your projects.


wastewaterman 2014 February 12

I have for the past few days been on what was seeming to be a fruitless search for the same thing, to find them just today.  They are unglazed quarry tiles.  Both Lowe's and Home Depot sells them.  You may have to order them and they come in 6"x6"x1/2"and 8"x8"x1/2".  When you order them you will probably have to get about 11 cu ft worth but it is only ~$30, you will have extra if one happens to break and they can cut them at the store so that they fit.

You can find them by looking on their web site and search "unglazed quarry tile".  I am yet to find them anywhere else or any easier. Nor have I found anything thicker than 1/2" thick.

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