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I have been successfully been making sourdough for a couple of years and find that recently i have somehow gotten large holes in the middle of my loaves, i have tried shaping it tighter, used bannetons and couch but nothing seems to help. My starter is healthy and i feed it regularly. What am i doing wrong?

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Montreal 2013 May 7

Good Morning. Kimdel

Do you have pictures? Big holes in the middle of your baked bread  is usually associated with flour used while folding. Thin layers are form without you really noticing it when you are doing it. That might be the problem. You might want to try to always manipulate your dough with wet hands as oppose to use flours.

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Croc 2013 May 11

instead the oh so popular shapping method (if that is what you using) try simple shapping method, is very effective, easy and just works without having to worry too much.

once you flat your portion out, fold two sides to form almost triangle by folding from about 10 and 2 oclock, you want to fold whole edge of your flat dough disk on both ends with about 2-3cm worth of flaps.

then flatten that out a little so there is no air pockets, and then start rolling from top of the triangle and keep pulling/pushing in with your thumbs, as if you were trying to make very solid ciagar.


once done you can fold ends under and roll it around a bit to seal it



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