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Hey All, I'm new to the site - great to see such an active community around sourdough. I've been experimenting with a sourdough starter that I feed strictly Budweiser and bread flour. I call him "buddy" I'm wondering if anyone else has worked with a beer starter before? The flavor is rich and complex, extra malty and biscuity. Any tips or recipes well suited to a beer starter would be great, would love to try them out and share the results! Thanks! Rotio
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farinam 2014 July 15

Hi rotio,

Not something I've heard of before.  At first blush, it sounds like a waste of good Bud.  But I guess the rest of the bottle doesn't go to waste.

I would think that you could try just about any recipe and see how it goes.  Probably best to start with something simple and I can recommend the Pane francesa recipe that SourDom gives in his beginners blog as one to start with and to practice with until you start  getting good bread.  But be prepared to make a few loaves that might not be all that spectacular and whatever you do, don't go off on a tangent searching for magic formulas - practice with one recipe and observation is the key.

Good luck with your projects and let us know how you go.


rotio 2014 July 16
It has been yielding good results so far. Made some traditional rustic loaves for easter. Have made pretzels. Sourdough pasta. Recently some hamburger buns and pizza. If you all have any feedback or tips based on the stuff I've put together at the link in the first post ( - my blog) I'd love to try some new recipes or techniques to branch out with Buddy. Trying to see what this starter can become. The beautiful thing about feeding Buddy is that I get 2/3 of a Budweiser every time! Thanks for the reply!

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