Bannetons and proving baskets


Hey all,


I am looking to purchase some bannetons, proving baskets, brotforms, whatever you wish to call them lol.


Is there any online site that people are happy with? The prices can be quite high.. Im wondering if there is a website I am missing that sells cheaper.


Also, I need to learn about the different basket sizes.. Currently, the recipe I am using yields about 1 large loaf, approx around 2 lbs. What size basket will i need to get for this? I see out there 1# baskets and such.. im assuming that the weight is the max weight the basket can hold?

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panfresca 2011 October 23

The ones on this site are quite reasonably priced, but there's no such thing as a cheap banneton, unless you are talking about the make-do solutions some people adopt. I think the price just reflects the fact that they are quite expensive to produce (though I have never been able to work out why the plastic ones are so costly). It's only a one-off purchase anyway.

*Edit: Thanks to GraemeH below for alerting me to the Chinese bannetons on eBay! I had looked there before and found nothing, but have just ordered a couple of 9 inch round for $23 delivered. From the photos, the quality looks good. Will report back.

CaperAsh 2011 October 22

I use the plastic bread baskets they sell in wholesale places or restaurant supply shops. They cost about $1.00 each. Yes, they are plastic which is icky, but $1.00 is affordable! They are good for 680g size loaves, which is 1.5 pounds which is a good weekly loaf size in any case.

GraemeH 2011 October 22

 There are a few vendors who sell wooden (and plastic) ones on eBay - some from Germany and others made in China. I bought the Chinese ones (cheaper) and was surprised by the quality - in some respects they are nicer than the German ones! Gave them a good scrub with hot water dowsed with plenty of white vinegar and dried them slowly in a very low oven. So far, no problems.

Loafer 2012 January 10

Ive just ordered Chinese ones on Ebay about half the price  of the alternative.

They should be here soon so Im feeding the mother in anticipation

Loafer 2012 January 24

Got my ones in a week  they are excellent I just need to work on my hydration,taste is good sticking is my problem

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Old Possum 2012 January 24

Loafer - I lightly sprayed my new banneton with water and then coated it thickly with rye flour and let it dry. I knocked out the excess flour and now I put a fresh sprinkle of rye in before popping the loaf in. Once used I dry it and then tap it upside down to remove any excess and store. I've never had a loaf stick yet and I use a lot of pretty high hydration doughs so don't change your bread, just more rye flour in the banneton.

Loafer 2012 January 24

Does it have to be rye?

I dont have any but do have regular 00 ,rice and potato flour.

I live miles from shops and only go shopping every few months

next trip is in March last one was Nov

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Old Possum 2012 January 27

I've always used rye but I've read of others using rice flour with success. I think regular flour would stick and I have no idea about the properties of potato flour. If possible I would get some rye in March on your next shopping spree. Apart from flouring your banneton it makes a great bread.

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