I really would like to buy some bannetons as I think my husband is sick of floured tea towels and colanders everywhere and I would like to make more oval loaves as they are better for sandwiches for us. I spoke to a salesperson at a posh cookware shop that sells plastic ones (apparently 1kg but they look tiny!) and she told me they used to get the birch ones but Aussie customs fumigate them with insecticide so they stopped for obvious reasons.. I find this hard to believe as I am a musician and import cane to make instrument reeds all the time for years and nothing has ever been fumigated! Has anyone imported bannetons? Have you had any problems? I will probably get one or two from this sites shop (I presume they are pesticide free..) but they only have 1kg ones and I would like to get a couple of larger ones for larger loaves. I am kind of surprised they seem to be so hard to get hold of when heaps of Australian bakers must use them. Maybe I should go beg Daniel Chirico or something.. Natasha

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panfresca 2011 April 11

I would contact customs to find out if there's any chance that they would be contaminated by being fumigated. I would be very surprised if they employed processes which would risk poisoning food grade products or those which would obviously be in human contact. I do know that they employ different processes for different purposes, and that they do employ some processes which are safe, but I don't know how they determine which process to use for which product. 

rbd 2011 April 13


And I know Roland lurks on this forum occasionally. I got bannetons from and they do have sizes larger than 1kg.



Hi Nattie / Merrid


Roland here.....

If you're after larger sized cane baskets check here:

These need to be ordered in for you, but as we get frequent shipments from our German supplier, lead times should be not too long.

As far as fumigation :

Cane baskets imports are only fumagated if they find [live] insects

[But there are a few other loopholes you've gotta jump through.....]

We had an instance some time ago where quarantine found insect[s] in a carton and the consignment needed to be fumigated.

They used a gas [not a spray] to fumigate the carton, which is food grade safe [can't recall details of the top of my head - occured over 1.5 year ago]...

Hope this helps.....




PS I don't like to "spruik" this on Graham's website, but since he does seem not offer alternate sizes, the sourdough community may benefit with this info.....,








rossnroller 2011 April 11

I contacted Customs on this a few months back. They are unable to give a categoric guarantee that imported cane bannetons will not be subject to fumigation, but they are considered to be 'low risk'. The subtext of the conversation was that the chances of fumigation being required, or bannetons attracting any attention from Customs, is minimal.

If you want to be safe, just buy off this site.

BTW, I understand entirely why you want to move away from boules. Round loaves aren't my favourite sandwich bread, either. if your main priority is bread that lends itself to sanwiches, maybe a bread pan is a cheap option that will fit the bill. Even cheaper (and better IMO), free form loaves can be fashioned to be sandwich-friendly. These days, I almost always make free-form batards - these are great for sandwiches. You can make them oval-shaped or more elongated, depending on preference. Using baking paper ('parchment' in the US) does away with the need for flouring colanders, couches etc.


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farinam 2011 April 11

Round loaves can sort of work for sangers if you cut on two faces.  Take a couple of slices off in one direction and then a couple at about 90 degrees.  And so on.  Just means that one edge does not have a crust.  I guess the downside is that there is a bit more exposed cut surface that 'could' lead to more drying.

Any way, whats wrong with floured towels and colanders?  They're only out when you are making bread.  Otherwise - let them eat cake /;-{)}


Nattie 2011 April 11
Ok guys you got me.. I really want them because they are pretty and it's my birthday coming up. The large round loaves always seem to have more crust and my 2yr old is off crusts at the moment. May just be an optical illusion though. Thanks for all your input. Will buy some from this site. I am presuming that if you import some and they fumigate them that they let you know? Nattie
rbd 2011 April 13

Hi Nattie,


They will only fumigate - if you pay for that - otherwise they will be destroyed. :(



Merrid 2011 April 12

Just a thought - I think you can get more variety in the cane sort, but plastic ones wouldn't need to be treated. Otherwise I think you would have to contact AQIS with the tracking number (if you get one) to find out if they were fumigated.

overboots 2011 April 13

Wake up guys, the website you are in sells cane bannetons. Go to "Shop" and all will be revealed.

The issue is not that the bannetons have been fumigated (Hurrah for Australia's status as an island free from many of feral insects etc from abroad) but what is the life of the fumigant. I have bought from this website and I respect their effors in binging in food grade quality components



Nattie 2011 April 13
If you read my original post properly you would notice that I am aware that this site sells bannetons and that my issue was that I was after larger than 1kg ones as I prefer to make larger loaves. This site only sells 1kg as their largest size. I have ordered a couple of them anyway and look forward to being able to use them.. Natasha
overboots 2011 April 13

How right you are Nattie,

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the size of the larger bannetons.

Happy Baking


panfresca 2011 April 14

 Now that we've established the safety of importing bannetons, I wonder if there would be any interest in the economics of a group buy? Not wanting to step on the toes of the shop here - the prices are very reasonable - but also I'm sure Graham doesn't want to stock every permutation of size and type.

Any interest, or too hard to organise?


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