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 Hello to you all,

After a number of loaves exceeded the width of my round pizza stone (not a pretty sight) I decided that I need a terracotta baking tile but the best I can get is 300cm by 300cm. My oven's shelf is 420 cm by 330 cm and I'm asking for advice as to where I can go to get as close as possible to this perfect tile. I live in Kew, Melbourne.

George K


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panfresca 2011 July 15

Terracotta is not necessary - being Victorian a bluestone baking stone would do very well. If you go to a stonemason, they will be able to cut one to size for you. The advantage of getting it cut is that you can ask for it a bit thicker - say 20 or 25 mm. Retaining heat is what it's all about.

Blue Northern 2011 July 17

I, too, live in the UK but they must have these in Australia. I went to a home store and bought a couple of granite worktop savers like this: 

They're far, far cheaper than those from a bakery supplier (OK, maybe not as thick) and I find they are just the job.

Dizzy 2011 July 17

 Hi, I bought a terracotta baking stone (labelled as pizza stone) from Your Habitat. It measures 38cm x 35.5cm x 1cm.  It works a treat. Good luck

alkamist 2011 July 17

Hi George,

Have you tried the Essential Ingredient at the Prahan Market? They may have a large one.

brule le pain 2011 July 19

 Try a pottery supplies store. What you want is a kiln shelf which can be cut to your exact size.

You need to do a google on kiln shelfs for baking as there has been a lot of discussion over what is food grade and what is not.

There is also a lot of information about preping a kiln shelf but general opinion is just wipe it down and fire it up a few times and as for storeage just leave it in the oven if you have room. Any marking from baking will not harm it.

This is what a lot of people use in the uk. I am sending the link for information only you should be able to get the spec from this and then search nearer to home.


Good luck

Loafer 2012 January 10

Try a guy who installs kitchens

The granite benchtops get the sink hole cut out,I have my hole as a table top on a singer sowing machine base, but it would make a great pizza stone.

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