"Back to Baking" or "New Digs for a VT Bakery"

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Hi all,
Not that I was a very prolific poster in the first place, and you probably haven't noticed my absence in the forum, but I'm back baking! I quit my job at a medium-sized artisan bakery in Vermont a couple years back in favor of being able to breathe, but now they have moved the bakery in to a brand-new, giant building. I'm having a go at it again, trying to figure out how to keep my sinuses and lungs happier than before. I think with a new, clean space, and a better effort toward keeping healthy overall, it could work. It's great to have my hands back in the dough! It's also nice to not worry about maintaining a starter...I can always just pinch a little of the healthy bakery stock! (Don't tell them, though...)
Here's the new formery:

On the other side of that giant window will be the new retail space with an espresso bar, beer and wine, and pastries. We will be on display at work! To the right is a huge window that fills the room with light. I'm in the orange hat, at the divider. We named the divider "Franchise the Divider", or Fran-divy for short when we got it.
Looking the other way:

Just thought I'd share some pics.

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Danubian 2007 December 12

Hi Tyler,I also have very sensitive airways to some substances. At one time while working in a small bakery where everything excepting dough was made by hand - which meant I was very close to high flour dust environment - I was suffering symptoms typical of 'Bakers Asthma'. Moving from that bakery where space was insufficient, ceilings were low and ventilation was very poor my respiratory health improved beyond my expectations. Good luck with it.

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