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Hi All -

I apologise in advance for using this forum as a shortcut ...

I live in Thailand with an average temperatur of 30 C. with some cooler and some hotter days. Searching for my perfect loaf, I have baked a great number of small loaves of 30% rye and 70% wheat, always using 40% SD starter. The rye is stone ground dark rye imported from Australia and the wheat is also Australian hard wheat flour. Some changes are made using small quantities of barley, coarsr bukgar wheat, oat, sunflower seeds, wheat germ and others.

I have used both the 100% rye and wheat starters, noticing only small differences, but I attributed these small differences to the other ingredients rather than the starters. The starters are nearly four months old and are being used when the peak.

Now, I have been told to make a starter consisting of 30% rye and 70% wheat flour, which would make a much better loaf. My insistance that the percentages remain the same in the dough was brushed aside.

Not wanting to go through all this again I wonder whether members have any comments. 

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Karniecoops 2010 November 6

Hi Esbkk,

I have a 100% rye starter that I sometimes use to make rye, spelt or wholemeal loaves and have never had a problem with it.  I find it alters the flavour of the loaves slightly  and I like it.  Were you not having success with your rye starter or were you just wondering if the "flavour" of your starter should match the flours in the loaf you are making?  In my experience (and humble opinion), your rye starter should be just fine, (but more experienced bakers on this site might be able to make a better comment).

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