And the judges say...


After a couple dismal failures and utter frustration I think I've got it!  These came out this AM and one is already gone!  :)

     Loaf #1     Loaf #2 This one rose better but I didn't abuse it after turning it out as I did loaf #1.


I think that I'll get better results next time...  These were made from the Norwich Sourdough formula; though I didn't follow it precisely.  Tthanks for pointing me towards that one Ross!!!)

First variation... 

Ran out of starter!  I divided the measurements and did a 2/3 dough.  Also ran out of white flour so I used 1/2 and 1/2 instead.

Second variation... had a gap of 1.5 hours after the initial mixing instead of the 35 minutes as instructed... (Kids can take up so much time sometimes. : ) )

Third variation...  My stretch and fold technique SUCKS!  It's more like stretch, tear, fold, pray...  I'll be working on this!

I chose to retard for the night in the fridge, so things were ready to go this AM.  What may I ask is the purpose for letting the dough rest after dividing before forming into loafs?  I also skipped this part purely by accident...


Now my slash (one single one lengthwise) didn't seem to open up... could be a weakness problem due to my amateurish stretch and fold abilities.

 Last night my wife was giving me a hard time for making two loafs at once...  "you'll be gone I'll never eat it all"  HA!  As I said one loaf is already gone.  Now she is upset as I won't be home for two weeks and she will have no more! :p

Thanks for all your help and suggestions!

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