Accurate Proofing Box


I thought I'd share the plans of my proofing box with our forum members, it keeps a temp range of 0.4F degrees.  I use a 60W bulb connected to a Zilla Reptile Temperature Controller ($30) inside an ice chest ($8).  Additionally, I use an independent digital sensor ($4) to display the teperature outside the box.

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HVHB 2011 March 20

 I'm impressed.  Thanks for sharing.  Could this be used to control a fridge, do you reckon?



HopesHope 2011 March 22

I am impressed wow, never thought about that..   Thanks for sharing


Ross I never even knew they had controls for the fridge except what was built within it.  Thank you too for that info.

LTJBakery 2011 July 29

Excellent idea!  Having trouble locating a $4 independent digital sensor.  Do you have any recommendations?

panfresca 2011 July 29

LTJB, these little thermometers are cheap as chips on eBay, and being electronic they should be quite accurate.

I too intend to build something like this, though finding a place for it is the hardest part!

I know that using a light globe is probably the simplest way of providing the heat - but I would really like to find a more permanent, space-efficient way of heating, without breaking the bank of course. Various immersion heating elements can be found, or heating pads for pets or reptiles... I wonder if they can be adapted for use here, or if anything else might be suitable.


JODoughMaker 2011 September 4

 I put mine on top of my DSL modem, and it worked perfectly. The heat comes from the bottom, but the DSL modem is such a small heat source, it almost self regulates. It can't produce too much heat.


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