4th or 5th bake


Still much to learn, but I am feeling better about my bread.  This one is still hot and a bit moist, maybe should have cooked longer and allowed to cool before slicing into it, but I was hungry.  ;) 

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LeadDog 2013 October 27

It looks good to me.  May I have a slice?  The bread will slice better when it has cooled off.  I only know this from experience.  :)

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shasta 2013 October 28

Looks good to me as well! Nice color on the crust and nice looking crumb as well! Congratulations.


Darwin 2013 October 29

You can have as much as you would like,  the sooner it's gone the sooner I can try again.

Thanks for the kind words, they help me think I am heading in the right direction.

Spud 2013 November 9

I find the hard bit is waiting for the bread to cool enough to eat, yours is looking good to me


cheers Spud

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