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wmc 2011 August 20

'Hi all Sourdough Loaf producers out there' 

have been trying hard to enter a comment  and save but to no avail.  so here's hoping that this time around it works.


Have been making sourdough since last year - used to make a yeast  bread in a machine, until the shop I bought the flour from closed.


so back to shop bread whilst  I yearned to taste good old fashioned bread.  Last  year a friend introduced me to a store which sells organic bread flour on the outskirts of Dandenong, Victoria.  So returned to making bread, sill using yeast.   Then I read 'Bread Matters why and how to make your own' - so started making bread by hand, as the bread machine was not working.  - progressed to their method of making a sourdough using a wholemeal leaven.  This has been working well.


Then with  the colder Melbourne weather the bread did not rise so well and the loaf went from being well rounded to being flat on the top.  Anyway  SBS covered sourdough in their French Food Safari programme on Thursday - so eagerly watched and from there found that it is important to watch the bread - and to allow it to prove for 24 hours or more - this worked and the bread rose slowly.


I am still learning and we are st ill enjoying our sourdough loaf - only use starter, flour water and salt -see Epicure in the Age on 9.08.2011 about Sourdough bread in supermarkets - they have lots of additives and also yeast.


was hoping to add pictures but unable to so will try next  time around.


To all fellow sourdough bread makers out  there 'Keep making sourdough'



Rose 2011 August 23

I have been making sourdough bread since last year, before that I was making yeast bread and have found that the sourdough bread is great, I bake it in a high over in a cast iron pot for 40 min with lid on, then remove the lid and bake a further 20 min, it smells and tastes great

wmc 2011 August 26

Hi Rose


Glad to hear that you also find the sourdough bread great - my youngest loves it too and also her friends.


I have gone from baking it in a bread tin to baking it on a pizza stone - it is very easy to slide the dough onto the hot stone, following the method in make you own Sourdough Starter.



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