Safron Baps



             Well I was off work today and I wanted to make some baps to take into work for the rest of the week. I decided to try adapting Richard Bertinet's recipe for saffron rolls. Thinking that I'd need the extra leavening power to hold the shape of my baps, I decided to start with 300g of starter. I also diced the inside of some old sourdough and popped them in the oven on about 150 degrees to make croutons / warm my kitchen. I have to say when I mixed the dough it was very 'wet' and I wasn't sure it would come together. It didn't take very much needing however, before it sprang to life wonderfully.


            I proved the dough in a proving basket for about three hours until it had doubled in size then tipped out and divided into 8 pieces of about between 90 and 100g then shaped into balls and left to prove evenly spaced out upon my peel – which I had given a good dusting with semolina. I heated the oven to full then sprayed the inside with water, slid the buns in and closed the door. I then turned the oven down to 220, baked for 12 minuets and hey presto! Brilliant buns!



In case your wondering tomorrow sandwhiches will be chedder cheese and brinjal pickle baps with home grown frisna lettuce and tomato...