Guilty as charged, but oh, does this feel good!



So tonight I had no idea what we were having for dinner; going out was not an option therefore I decided to make pizza. Since I'm not yet fully committed to SD (yet, ;) ) and since SD and I still have issues that need further attention LOL, I decided to take the easy way out and made my first real regular yeast pizza dough. Up until now I had tried twice with results not worth mentioning , but now I found a good recipe and man was my pizza good! Thin and crusty, ........mmmmmmh! Sadly enough we ran out of wine otherwise it would have been perfect.


rossnroller 2010 March 14

 It's truly astonishing how good home-baked pizzas can be.

I've done a lot of tweaking and experimenting with both dry yeast and sourdough pizzas. The former can be pretty good, but once you get into SD pizza, there's no going back! That's my experience, anyway.

I've recorded my findings in detail (some might say too much detail!) on my blog. You may be interested in having a look: 

Sourdough Pizzas – As Good As Home Oven Pizzas Get!

Making Your Own GREAT Pizzas At Home Cheers!Ross


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