Part Wholemeal Loaf

Cam the Baker Man

I've been baking again after a while away.  Recently I've been trying a combination of 17% wholemeal and 83% white flour loaves.  Below is the pictures of one I made late last year.

The recipe I've been using is 500g White Flour100g Wholemeal Flour300g Starter350g Water12g Salt I mix all the ingredients and then leave for 30min autolyse.This is then followed by 3 sets of strtch and fold at 45min intervals.After doing the fold and stretch I then use the final fold and stretch as the start to the shaping.  This one I shaped into a round and left to prove in the round banneton for 4-5 hours (I think). I've taken to using the finger prick method to test if it is ready.  If the inprint springs back quickly then it is not ready, if it fills slowly then it is ready. I bake in a 260 degree oven covered for 15min then turn down the oven to 220 degrees and bake for a further 20min covered.  Finish off the crust with 10min uncovered at 220 degrees. I've been very happy with the crust and finally getting some good oven srping and slashes that work. Thanks to all those who contribute on this site as I keep coming back to check my techniques and try to improve. Cam

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