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I am a prejudice Italian baker, and I decided to change my life like Australia very beautiful and I think that we live better here than in italy the government there is ruining their lives! There's some of you that I can make a suggestion some help? I would like to know if I have chances to find work in Australia I like melbourne! Please help me! Thanks!


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Graham 2008 March 6

Hi panvaric. I suggest you join BakerTrade. You can upload your resume or email it directly to [email protected]. Some of the bakeries on this web site use BakerTrade to find bakers...several of them are in Melbourne.

Good Luck!

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Graham 2008 March 6
[quote=Jeremy]What about chef wannabe bakers from NY?

Anyone that can teach a baker to use a Chef's Knife and to cook at omelette level or higher is welcome. Please include these skills on your resume to BakerTrade.

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