bread escapades on days off!


just spent a brilliant day off playing around with some ratios and methods, and had to put pics up. made a 30% wholemeal rye, which came out lighter textured than i expected, but with a huuge kick of flavour (also my first foray into using diastatic malt, as i just sprouted my first batch of barley). also made a 40% spelt, as i was playing with the mixer at work and wanted to try a technique out i had read about....i think i prefer doing it all by hand! the last was a 50% wholemeal ciabbata style, which didnt come out quite as planned but still tasted great!

would love any feedback or thoughts from anyone interested! I'm still very much a novice but progress is being made. photos are in gallery, as i cant figure out how to post them here


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TeckPoh 2008 March 18
For ciabatta, you might want to make the tip a bit less pointy....but who knows fashion? Sometimes, sharp toes are in, sometimes, blunt.

Since you're interested in taking good pix of your proud breads, watch your white balance. There should be a menu in your canon to adjust according to the ambient temperature.
nowonmai 2008 March 18
thanks, will try it with the camera. the two loaves are actually different, the pointy-ish one is 40% spelt, and the bottom one is the wholemeal ciabbata (i didnt photograph the top pf the loaf, wasnt pretty enough!)
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Danubian 2008 March 19

It looks like you've had success, congratulations. I'm curious what the rest of your family and friends think of your bread?

Brick oven? ....I'm green with envy.... I guess I'll have to go fishing, it helps me cope!

Good luck with the move.

nowonmai 2008 March 19

I'm absolutely stoked with the result, except the crust wasnt quite what i was after, as i had to bake it a touch longer than i wanted (if you saw the oven i was using.......). the flavour was great, and the crumb was the best i have managed yet...still room for much more improvement though!

not sure what my friends think of my bread, as where i have been living is pretty far removed from home. will let you know when i get home and make them some! I do have some family up here, and have been keeping them in bread for the last few months...they seem to like it! i've had an ongoing sharing of bread with another chef up here, who is also a mad baker, and he seems to think its pretty good (his bread is totally different, but very nice. like most mad Tuscans, he doesnt use salt in his bread, so i definately favour mine!)

I understand the fishing thing, i used to be a commercial fisherman before i became a chef...there is few things that are as satisfying as being there with rod and reel, even if nothing bites (altough commercial fishing wasnt quite as romantic, but the ocean made up for any deficiancies). funnily enough, making bread for me is the ultimate way to relax, and unwind from a mad week. there are so many variations, and so many satisfactions even in failure, i cant think of anything that comes close! Once i find a good design for a brick oven, then thats the next project, will post the results as they come.

I reckon i can get one more bake in before i really have to pack up, so if results are good pix will be up as well!


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