No hooch but bubbles


I have recently acquired a sourdough starter. I made two successful loafs of bread. The starter was bubbling at such a fast rate that I transrered it to a larger jar and since then there is no hooch. It bubbles when I feed it but no hooch. Thoughts? Ideas? remedies? Is my colony dead?


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farinam 2012 August 14

Hello artmachine,

Why would you want hooch?  That usually occurs only when the culture is not fed for a long time and the waste products get to such a concentration that they can separate from the solids (I think the structure of the solids also change to allow this to happen).

If your starter bubbles when you feed it and it doesn't smell really bad or like nail-polish remover then it will be absolutely fine.

Keep on bakin'


yarlingtoncensis 2012 October 7

Not sure what you mean by hooch! You don't put alcohol in the starter. Maybe you mean the smell of alcohol? Or perhaps the liquid that sometimes forms when its been in the fridge for a while?


Steve in South Somerset, England

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