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Hello to you all again, i have discovered the the two ovens have gauges. the first oven has a temp gauge made by Dobbie Bros Melbourne and the needle is missing and part of the inside of the gauge is missing as well , So if any one knows who could repair this i would greatly appreciate it, and also what are the pencil marks on the gauge for ,perhaps the temp that the oven run?at different times.The second oven has a Pryometer which is working well and it was made by Henry Berry and Co,pty.Ltd Both I think are made in also several pinches in the are port holes to look in ? or shine a light in? what type of light,? . Don't forget i am talking about 120 years ago,there is a small pop hole in the door to look in as well.hello also if you have a bit of extra time have a look at my web page Neville,s Antiques      or

Many thanks to you all so far and I am going to light one of the ovens in the next couple of weeks and the one I want to light ,the temp gauge is not working although I couple put the one from the other oven in ,but is twice as long as the left hand oven as it is longer in size and thicker wall I think, cheers and thanks for all your help so far regards Neville Beechey. A J Millman,s Bakery.Established about 1893.I will be able to find out more details and history when I am talking to A MR. Clive Millman , the original owners son in the next few days.


apsleybakery 2011 June 14

Goodmorning from Canada;


I'm not sure if you've gotten around to firing the ovens as you mentioned. If not I'd like to advise that you do so very slowly, over a few days. With the ovens being idle for so long they will have accumulated a good deal of moisture; even above ambient. Think,  damp basement...

You'll want to gradually heat the oven, driving off the excess moisture.


regards, Peter

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Neville Beechey 2011 June 20

Hello Peter, , Many thanks for your information , I have not got around to firing the ovens as yet as I am still finding about a bit more about them, you help is very good, I have been speaking to Mr. Clive Millman the Original Owners son, and he is going to tell me a bit more about them. this is really good and when I do fire them I will just try them at a low temperature first.I have some bakers who are going to come to Colac and have a look at them. I have found a couple more temperature gages as well and discovered the glass is missing in one of the viewing holes and will have to try and find out what glass it requires before I fire this one up.I am really looking for somebody to take it over and get it all started up.I have had a few inquiries so far.I will take some more photos of the pther gauges in the next few days ,many thanks from Neville Beechey. e-mail [email protected]

Very cold and windy here in Colac Tonight.

apsleybakery 2011 June 21

You are quite welcome. I'd be all over the place if I lived even remotely close, unfortunately the commute from Canada would be a bit tedious.

You can likely get appropriate glass from a pottery supply place. For that matter the bottom of a glass bottle would do.

Looking forward to more pictures.

regards, Peter

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