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I'm just starting out in my bread baking, I have made four succesful batches of bread now using Paul Hollywood's white bread recipe in the 100 Great Bread's book.

 Adding ten percent wholemeal flour on my second batch improved the flavour a lot and switching to the Bertinet technique on the last two batches for great results with softness and moisture of the finished loaf, even if it is hard to get used to handling such wet dough.

Today I made my first brioche with really great results.


I was over the moon, as was my girlfriend when we had it for breakfast with a nice strong coffee.



I've been reading this forum for a while and decided it was time I got stuck in properly. I've had a sour dough starter in the fridge for a couple of weeks now and tomorrow I will feed it up and do my first sour dough loaf.

I've used honey for my sour dough as recommended by Richard Bertinet and will post the results this week.


Ruralidle 2012 April 7

Hi Matty

That brioche looks good. 

 It's a bread I have yet to make but I intend to some time soon.  Having seen PH on the Great British Bake Off (or whatever it was called), I wasn't as impressed by his bread baking skills as I am by RB. I should declare an "interest" in that I took RB's Introduction to Bread Baking course in December 2007 and that really kick started my interest in bread baking.  I find that his recipes and methods produce very good results (his method of creating a sourdough starter  worked first time for me and now mine is 3 years old and going strong) so I can't recommend him highly enough. The slap and fold method takes a little getting used to, especially with higher (over 70%) hydration doughs, but it really does help develop and aerate the dough quickly.


Still, it looks like you are well on the way with your own baking journey.  

Happy Baking

MattyW 2012 April 27

HI Megsan, just got back from holiday sorry for long wait for the reply. I used the recipe in Bertinet's second book Crust. Thank you for the kind comments.

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