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Life appears to be getting in the way of my bread making and blogging these days, which is EXTREMELY disappointing (more so for me than you I'm sure!).  I made this ciabatta back on the 28th April, so it's taken me over a month to get it down on "paper"!  I really "knead" to sort out the rest of my life and  make it work around the bread instead of the other way around - if only!! :)

I feel like this blog is a bit of a facade, as I didn't actually make the recipe from Mr Leader's book for the ciabatta.  I couldn't bring myself to make a yeasted ciabatta when I already have found a lovely SD one on Susan's WildYeast website.  I've made her ciabatta a number of times and they are fantastic.  Previously I've always slopped the dough around by hand, but this time I used my Kitchen Aid Mr P to do the dirty work.

I included an overnight bulk ferment in the fridge, and baked them in time for lunch on Sunday. And as per usual, what didn't get eaten for lunch, got whisked away by my hungry friends!

Bit much flour on the lens I think!!  Ooops!  Bit much flour on the floor for that matter, thank goodness you can't see that :o)


Happiness is making bread!!


Cam the Baker Man 2013 April 1


Fantastic looking ciabatta!!  Love the look of the crust and the open crumb.

These look just the thing for work/school lunches.  Must get back on to doing another ciabatta.

Love your work!!



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