Whole Wheat Fougasse

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Preferment for the dough.


Preferment is
Stiff Sourdough Starter 50g
Whole Wheat Flour 115g
Water 92g
Let the starter ferment for 12 hours.  Make the flour and start the autolyse at 10 hours.  Add the Preferment to the dough at 12 hours.

500 grams of Red Winter Wheat.

Red Winter Wheat

Grinding the Wheat

Grinding Wheat

Autolyse for 2 hours.
Fresh Ground Flour 500 grams.
Water 400 grams.
Mix into a shaggy mass and let sit for two hours.


Add 100 grams of the preferment and save the rest to make more bread with.  Salt is added now and I do 2% or 10 grams for this dough.  Mix on number one speed for 2 1/2 minutes.

The dough

I did a streach at the one hour mark.  When the dough started to rise I put it in the refrigerator to retard it.  Next day I took it out and let it double in size, about five hours.

Patted out the dough into a round disc and cut my holes in it.  I put on some special seasoning and coated it with oil.

I let it raise for an hour then I cooked it at 460°F for 20 minutes with steam.

Fougasse Done

Cool then eat.


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TeckPoh 2008 August 13

Thanks for the step-by-step pix, LD! I so want to mill my own flour now. I'll go hunt for a mill attachment for my Kenwood.

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LeadDog 2008 August 17
Go for the mill.  I really did want to mill my own flour but didn't know anyone that was milling their own flour.  Finally I just went for it and have been very happy with the results.  My mill doesn't grind as  fine as store bought flour but the bread hasn't been disappointing at all.  When I rub the flour between my fingers there is just a little bit of grit feeling to it.  I heard this will cause the bread not to have as big of holes as with a finer grind.  So far I have been getting very nice holes in my bread.
I wonder if I can find some advanced techniques for grinding grains somewhere?  I'm thinking along the lines of screening the grain after it has been ground.

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