Sourdough Pretzels

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I got the idea to make pretzels from when I would roll out my preferment like a rope to cut up and put it in my dough. I kept looking at it and thinking that it would make a good pretzel. Today I finally baked some pretzels. My neighbor said they were a million times better than the pretzels they sell at the fair. Since I have never had a soft pretzel I guess they must of been good. I searched the internet and my books for a recipe and didn't find one that I liked so I made my own. Here is the info on the dough.

1st Preferment Build Grams Percent
Starter 8.33 50.00%
Flour 16.67 100.00%
Water 10.00 60.00%
Total 1st Build 35.00 210.00%

8 to 12 hours later.

2nd Preferment Build
Starter 1st build 35.00 53.90%
Flour 64.93 100.00%
Water 38.96 60.00%
Total 2nd Build 138.89 213.90%

8 hours later

Dough Formula
Flour 555.56 100.00%
Water 333.33 60.00%
Salt 11.11 2.00%
Preferment 2nd Build 138.89 25.00%
Olive Oil 11.11 2.00%
Total 1050.00 189.00%

I let it start fermenting then stuck it in the fridge over night. The next morning I took it out for all day. When I got home from work I started making pretzels. The dough was divided into 10 pieces. Then I rolled the pieces out into the ropes and made my pretzel shapes. When they were all formed I dropped them into boiling baking soda water. I used a quart of water and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. When I pulled them out of the water I set them on a drying rack and sprinkled salt on them. I used two different kinds of salt with one being more course than the other one. While the pretzels were boiling the oven was heating up to 450°F. I baked them on the high rack for 13 minutes. Making pretzels is simple and easy to do so I might do them more often. They taste great too.

With course salt.

With fine salt.


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TeckPoh 2009 April 19


Let's wait a bit for the forum to recover from its current hiccup. Ho hum...will give you a handicap of a dozen pretzels or so.


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Millciti 2009 April 19

We could still get ready, right... So LD where did your recipe come from? What flour are you using? They really look pretty yummy!


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LeadDog 2009 April 19

The recipe is my own creation. I figured that 60% hydration, 25% preferment, 2% salt, and 2% Olive Oil would be a good starting point. I used Pillsbury's AP flour and I was surprised at how strong it was. When I was trying to roll out the ropes they kept springing back when I let go. I was told not to change the recipe since it is perfect. I think a bake off would let people explore some areas of tweaking the recipe or come up with their own. I should take a picture of the crumb it has some really nice holes in it which I wasn't expecting.

trentmaier 2009 August 25
LeadDogMay I just compliment you on this recipe. The other day I thought how nice it might be to make some sourdough pretzels, so I did a quick search and came up with this thread. I did half a batch of all white flour, and half a batch of all wholewheat flour. The wholewheat was a tiny bit dense, but still nice. The white flour was freaking amazing. Nice holes in the crumb, like you describe, and basically insanely good with mustard. I will be making these on at least a weekly basis. I am sure that I will mess about with it a bit, and try and tweak it a touch, but I am well impressed by what you came up with, thanks so much for sharing - I wouldn't have had the first clue where to start, and I had no idea they were similar to making bagels!At the very least, I will bake them weekly just to practice shaping them (which needs alot of work!)All the bestTrent

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