In search of a perfect bread

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I said "a prefect bread" because there has to be more than just one, right?  The Blue Cheese and Rye got me in the quest of making a great bread.  When I ate that bread I just knew it was the best bread I had ever eaten and strange as it may sounds I thought I could even make it better.  Here is what it ended up looking like.

I call it Pepitas Blue Cheese.  Here is the crumb shot.
Pepita Crumb
I took the bread to work and cut the end off to see how it was.  When I finished eating that piece I had to have another piece right now.  I didn't even care that nobody else had even had a piece of bread yet.  This bread is full of wonderful flavors that don't overwhelm each other but have a nice balance.  You can read how I made it at my website.


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Johnny 2009 July 30
I think you cracked it! Well done LD. 
I am definitely going to try this. That crumb looks so nice. I bet the fresh milled grains just give it that winning edge in taste and the milder cheese doesn't overpower. It's actually 12.11 am here and I am sitting here staring at this bread drooling...
dukegus 2009 August 1
I must try it too, sounds very tasty! Could you use roquefort cheese rather that blue cheese? I hate it a bit, comparing always!
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LeadDog 2009 August 1
Yes you can use roquefort cheese.  You will have to adjust the recipe to your taste no matter which cheese you use.  Have fun with it.
dukegus 2009 August 1
Thx LeadDog. Can you adjust the recipe by trying the dough or trying the final result? Just thinking it could save time if you could try the dough, but I have never tried it. Maybe some times when I don't have a scale so to taste the salt in it.
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LeadDog 2009 August 2
True-fully I have never tasted the dough of any bread that I have ever made.  I think a good starting point would be 20%.

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