Long Autolyse

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 I saw Shiao-Ping's blog on TheFreshLoaf about 12 hour Autolyse.  I remember doing 8 hour autolyse with Whole Wheat but never with All Purpose Flour.  I was intrigued how it would turn out.  Here is the experiment that I did this time.  I wanted 15% of my flour to be Whole Grain the rest to be AP Flour and the overall hydration of the loaf to be about 67%.  I decided to make my preferment to be 100% Whole Wheat at 50% hydration and that would be my source for 15% Whole Grain in the loaf.  When I was doing my final build of the preferment I mixed the AP Flour and water together and let it sit for 10 hours.  Then I added it with the salt to the AP Flour and water.  The preferment didn't mix into the dough very well, I could still see lumps of it in the dough.  When I sliced the bread I see the brown spots where the Whole Wheat preferment was lumped together.  It is still winter here and I let the dough go for a long fermentation.  I looked at it and decided I had time to get a haircut and go wine tasting, in the end I think it over proofed a little bit.  The bread really tastes great and has great big irregular holes in the crumb.  This loaf tastes so good I don't think it would be a problem to eat the whole thing by myself today.  Thanks Shiao-Ping what a wonderful idea.

Long Autolyse

Long Autolyse Crumb

I think the flash wipes out the holes in the crumb but it is just wonderful.


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shiao-ping 2010 February 23

I could see many large irregular holes.  Your crumb looks like it is full of flavour.  If I get a crumb like that, I will be very, very happy.   With your climate right now, long autolyse would be a very good fit.   

Did you truly eat the whole bread yourself?


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LeadDog 2010 February 24

 Ok the bread really is incredible.  Not only does is taste good but it is filling and goes a long ways.  I took it to work and we cut and ate on it like any other bread and there was still a lot of bread left.  I gave the half that was left over to my neighbor.  He saw the bread when I first made it and I found out later he wanted to steal it.

MiasX 2010 February 24
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LeadDog 2010 February 24

 I don't mind if my neighbor steals my bread either.  Our families have been friends of each other for over 120 years.

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LeadDog 2010 February 27

 I just learned that my neighbor is trying to get a sourdough starter going.  It will be great to have two sourdough bakers in Oak Flat.

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LeadDog 2010 March 7

 No not yet.  I'll ask today how he is doing with his starter.  I think we did talk about sourdough pancakes but I can't remember if we did.

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