Kamut sourdough bread


I have been looking for a recipe for kamut sourdough bread and your recipe looks good hoever I don't see any added yeast in it. I also have a sourdough starter made with wheat would it work with the kamut flour? 




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farinam 2015 January 12

Hello Romangirl,

I would say 'yes'.

By and large, the yeasts and bacteria don't mind where their tucker comes from and not a lot to lose anyway.

If you are at all worried you could build your levain from your regular stock sourdough using the flour that you plan to use and that should give you confidence to proceed when it behaves normally.

Good luck with your projects.


Romangirl 2015 January 21

In the recipe I didn't see any added yeast. Is it enough just to use the sourdough starter? I other recipe I made with wheat there is an added couple of teaspoons of yeast. What do I do? Thanks for your support Graziella

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farinam 2015 January 21

Hello Graziella,

There should be no problem making perfectly good bread with only your sourdough.  The main reason that people add bakers yeast (fresh or dried) is usually to 'speed things up'.

If you do add yeast, then you will potentially lose some of the flavour and character of the sourdough.  This is because the yeast and bacteria in the sourdough work to different time frames with the acid/flavour producing bacteria lagging behind.  So, if you speed things up by adding commercial yeast you  will save time but lose out on flavour and character to some degree.

So, it is really a life-style choice.  If you are time poor or have the attention span of a gold fish then you could add some yeast.  On the other hand, if you are into slow food and like to smell the roses (and the developing dough and the fresh baked bread) you can do without.

Good luck with your projects.


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