Big fat loaves with big fat holes

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I love big fat loaves with big fat holes, so I have been experimenting with high hydration sourdough and using a soaker with mixed grains and oat meal. Here is my latest attempt.

I am really happy with the nice big irregular holes in the crumb. The texture is really soft and moist and I think that the experiment with a 10% soaker of farmers mix multi-grains and 50% of the total water seemed to work.   I used my large granite mortar & pestle to grind up a small amount  of rolled oats and some organic wheat grains which I added to some cracked rye and farmer's multi-grain mix. So I ended up soaking 50g of this mixture in 190g of boiling water. The seeds on top are white chia seeds I found the other day at my favourite wholesale foods outlet here. (I never knew you could get white ones, as I have only ever seen black. They make a nice topping) Anyway I just love them holes and the light texture of this bread. This will become my standard weekly bread me thinks.. cheers Johnny :)



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Johnny 2009 October 11

 Sorry my photos show up in the edit but not in the post :(  Not sure why but I assume it is because Meadi has been fixing the site and we can't access our Album's yet?

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Johnny 2009 October 11

 Thanks Maedi - all good now. BTW congratz on opening the new bakery well done! Can we see some photos soon?

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Maedi 2009 October 12

Hi Johnny, no worries and I'll get to that missing Album issue soon.

"Can we see some photos soon?"

We're not open yet but we're soon to bake for the markets and I'll take some pics then, and upload them to the bakery page or a blog post.

See you!

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TeckPoh 2009 October 13


What a beaut!!!


TP, gawking at the crust and crumb.

Maedi: Can't wait to see pix of the bakery and the goods. All the best!!!

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Johnny 2009 October 14

Grazie mille! LD & TP... there's nothing special about the formula but I will post it if you like. It will give me a chance to try out the new recipe section and the nifty baker's percentages calculator Meadi has kindly added.

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