A first attempt to make grape yeast

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My mom have lot of grapes in her garden and I thoght to myself "What to do with it?". So I mixed the grapes with water and sugar and put the jar in the window. After a few days the mix started to live :) Now I can use the yeast to bake "fruity levain" :)


Day 1, just mixed

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5, finished


I really liked the colour ;)


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LeadDog 2011 August 23

 If the grapes are ripe there would have been no need to add sugar or water.  The yeast is all over the skins of the grapes naturally.  There is a lot of wine made just smashing the grapes up and letting them ferment.

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LeadDog 2011 August 24


Okay, thanks :) I will try that next time. Have you ever baked bread with this kind of yeast?


When I first started making bread I used some wine yeast.  The bread that I made seemed to be fine.

Stefen Tradtion... 2011 August 24

An handful of bakeries have done starter's like this, some even use different grap varieties for different starters nad dough.The Wine bread company was one such company years back.

Just remember that as you have gone to a great deal off effort to produce a unique starter with unique flavours, do not spoil the bread by adding anything other than Organic Flour - Water - Salt -Levain.

Let time be your teacher, Keep baking and food real,  happy baking! 

jean valjean 2013 January 15

My family has been using this traditional way of making Yeast for years in the family bakery. I have never tried any other way ( perhaps once with pinapple juice) it's the best way if the grapes are untreated and organic.. i recommend a little bit of honey as well.

Advice: your starter get very hungry with this method ! keep it in the fridge if you are not using it every day

good luck

Zara Faeeq 2019 April 26

I need a little help from you. I want to learn the process of making natural barley flour bread and pizza dough with grape yeast and anyother homemade natural yeast. If you could help me with this and tell me the recipe i'll be really thankful to you. 

Lance 2020 October 16
Mom and I are having a mild argument. Do you use the grape fresh off the vines or boil them slightly first?

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