Milk bread

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Adam T
I am really enjoying the milk bread. I made another (larger) batch tonight, and will take one home again. I tried out the knip technique, and they look pretty good. I topped one with semolina, one with white flour, and one with poppy seeds.
There will be pictures later of the poppy seed one.
Here are pictures from yesterday's batch.

They were weighed out at 230 grams, and looked nice.

If we sell them in the store, I will be calling them Milchbrot. According to [url=]babelfish[/url], that is the German translation of Milk Bread.



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Danubian 2008 November 13
Hi Adam, You probably already know this but for the benefit of other posters, conventional yeasted milk bread does caramelise more rapidly since lactose - milk sugar - is a residual sugar. This means lactose is not fermented by bakers yeast because bakers yeast does not possess the neccessary enzyme - lactase - to degrade lactose - a di-sacchride (two unit sugar - relatively complex) into a mono-saccharide (single unit sugar- simple sugar). 

I find a lower baking temp with a longer baking time will do the job without too much colour.

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Adam T 2008 November 13
yes thank you for that.
I am again making another batch tonight, and will be using the gas convection oven that I used the first time. They were baked at a lower temp, and turned out much nicer, as you can see from my first pictures, than the second attempt.


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