Jeremy's Panettone

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Adam T

I am on day one of the recipe and all is looking good so far. I do not have any diastatic malt though. I tried getting some from a supplier but I think there was something lost in the relay. They sent me malt flour. 

Once the first dough has rested for roughly 12 hours ( I may have to refrigerate), I will be back tomorrow to make the dough, and hopefully get some pictures. On top of this, I am making bagels and a batch of Stollen for Thursday nights open house at the bakery. So I have a bucket of raisins, candied peel, lemon zest, and toasted almonds soaking in 1100 ml of tequila/rum. Yummy!



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Adam T 2009 November 28

Here is what turned out of the panettone recipe I tried from Jeremy.

1. I think the pans were too big!

2. My oven was acting up and I had to bake them longer than what the recipe stated, and did not get the browning I desired.

They turned out very moist and had a nice authentic vanilla/ orange flavour. If I had used a smaller pan, or made one single loaf, it may have been better for the pan size. The room I was baking in is slightly cooler than the rest of the building. Due to the fact that it is the pastry room, and has to keep chocolate from melting. Temp had to be around high 60's. So proofing wasn't the greatest.


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