Hot cross buns

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Adam T
With Easter approaching we are in hot cross mode on weekends right now.


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Adam T 2008 March 6
They are 125 grams each. Cut from a 4.5 Kg piece and put into a manual bun press, for 36 equal pieces, which are rolled into balls, and slashed with an X
here is the press

Panevino 2008 March 9
Adam, is that a good press.  I'm wanting to buy one but the semi automatics are very expensive for my little budget.


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Jeremy 2008 March 9
I love the photo angle, especially the map showing Oz!
Adam would that be a dutch divider or what is the true name?
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Adam T 2008 March 9
oh yea, you can mount them anywhere. That one used to be on a wooden table. If you get one, make sure whatever is holding it down is secure. Sometimes you have to press hard with all your weight ( if you aren't very big) and it will want to tip over on you!
I don't have a problem though.

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