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New at sourdough... Help and suggestions please!

Hi everyone! I've been trying to make starter for about 3 weeks now, and a week ago, it started to look and smell like actual...

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Help! White yeasty stuff on top of my starter

Last night my starter looked great, smelled great, so I started a pre-ferment for a loaf of bread. Today the preferment looks and...

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New Sourdough Starter-Question about Smell and Taste

I started a new sourdough starter 3 1/2 weeks ago. I fed it daily for 3 weeks (all purpose flour and spring water) and then put...


Starting a Starter Problems?

I just started a new starter trying to follow the recipie by another blogger - sourdom on this forum. I'm in the USA so I had to...


Starter Trouble!

Can anyone advise me as to the smell of my starter? I had a very successful starter a few months back which I had been using for...