Scotch Oven

RedBeard Historic Bakery replacing fire bars in their scotch oven

A look at what happens behind the scenes when the fire bars for your scotch oven need replacing. Great work RedBeard Historic...

Scotch Oven Restoration

Hi All, I am looking at a property in Gippsland which has an unrestored Scotch oven in one of the buildings. The property once...

1895 Scotch Oven Restoration

For the past few years I have been baking sourdough bread at home and loving it. I have also been missing life in the country. Recently an...Read more


Scotch Oven Design

Hi All, does anyone have any idea where I can get my hands on plans/designs for a Scotch or side-flue oven? Have searched...


How much Wood?

Does anyone here have experience in firing and running a Scotch Oven? My appointment in Queensland is getting near and we are at...