The Shrewsbury Bakehouse

 We are a small award winning bakery specialising in long ferment and sourdough breads.  We do not use any enhancers or improvers.  Our long ferments use very little yeast -(about 8grams per 5 kilos of dough) and take two days to make.  Our sourdough breads use a starter that has been active for over 13 years.  These breads take three days to make.  This long ferment of both types of bread results in chewier crumb, crispy crusts and long lasting great flavoured bread.  


We're located just across from the beautiful train station just before the Castle.  Shrewsbury is one of three medieval towns in England.  Ancient passageways wind through the town leading to narrow streets full of independent shops and restaurants.  A perfect place for the ancient tradition of sourdough to be taking place!

Castle Gates
United Kingdom
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