Red Rooster Artisan Bakery

At the Red Rooster Artisan Bakery we are passionate about bread. We believe that our daily bread should be exactly that - part of the daily nourishment of body and soul.

Artisan breads are an expression of a lifestyle; an expression of conservation; an expression of values. We run our bakery carbon neutral and we carefully select our ingredients. We use only certified organic grains and flour and we prepare our doughs by natural leavening. We do not use additives or preservatives - in this traditional way of baking it is not necessary.

Bread deserves respect. Respect for the soil, the grain, the farmer, the baker, and respect for those who break bread at the table. As life itself, the baking of wholesome bread takes time and must not be rushed. It is as much a process of reflection as it is a process of manual labour. Baking is also a very personal process as bread is offered from baker to fellow, from hand to hand, as a product made with care and consideration, as nourishment as well as joy.

We take care and time in baking. Our breads are made the way bread was made before industrialization began dictating ever shorter production times. Our breads are baked in a wood fired masonry oven and are peasant breads in the best sense of the word.

18480 Upper Mud River Road
Prince George, BC
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