• Baking Multiple Loaves at Once

    Hi all, I am looking to upscale my home baking a bit. No enough to warrant (or afford) a dedicated micro-bakery oven like a Rofco...

  • Start problems

    Hi I'm new to this. I just tried to make my first starter. i used equal measures (1/2 cup) of filtered water and strong white...

  • Starting not falling or floating

    Hello I've been searching everywhere for an answer to my problem. I created a starter from scratch a few weeks ago. The starter...

  • Pizza doughs other uses...

    I wanted some rolls so I took the dough in a different direction. It was my first bake on a stone and it worked great! That dense...

  • Very Dark Loaf

    Just cooked my 3rd loaf of sourdough bread this morning. It came out very dark. Almost burned. 30 minutes at 500 and 15 minutes...

  • Wholewheat sourdough

    hi there I want to try the sourdough starter recipe but actually I live in nepal and can't find rye flour. Is it suitable to use...

  • Starter Help

    I was planning an making some sourdough pancakes so I used some of my sourdough starter that I was going to discard to make the...

  • Whole wheat vs. white?

    A majority of the sourdough recipes I stumble across deal with starters raised on white flour or a combo of white and rye flour...

  • 2 years old and going strong

    My starter just had its 2nd birthday so I made these little beauties to celebrate @ 80% hydration

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  • Gluten free Sourdough

    Thanks so much for a great site with a lot of wonderful information. This is my first time posting but I have been visiting a lot...

  • Help!

    I have neglected my sourdough starter (regular white all purpose flour and room temperature to cool water according to...

  • Artisan Baker for Brand New Bakery

    <p>Bake With Us</p> <p>Over the last 10 years Giant Steps Winery and Cellar Door has forged a reputation for producing outstanding artisan breads and pastries from its onsite bakery in the heart of Healesville, one hour east of Melbourne in the stunning Yarra Valley.</p> <p>This year, the bakery has taken on its own identity in a new dedicated building just down the road from the winery.<br /> Habituel Bakery will operate 7 days a week, with both baking and coffee roasting onsite.</p>

  • Dough not growing

    It's my first time making a sourdough bread and I started yesterday, I used 100g of starter* (feeded) 500g of all-porpose flour...

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  • Grain in Brisbane

    Does anyone know where I can buy 20 - 25 kg bags of grain (wheat, rye etc) in Brisbane? It doesn't have to be organic, just...

  • Question about fridge retarding and oven spring

    Hey all! I've been baking sourdough for a couple of months now, and some of the loaves turned out fantastically well, so I am...

  • Advice please

    hi guys i have a starter that I was given, feed it twice a day 10% starter 100g bakers flour and 55g water starter is healthy and...

  • Where to find Dark Sweet and Sour Rye Bread?

    Can anyone suggest where Michael might find 'Dark Sweet and Sour Rye Bread' either in Canberra or Sydney?

  • Starter issue

    Hi, I am new to this (1 1/2 months ago was given my starter) made some lovely loaves of bread, but then we went away for 9 days,...

  • Story of a sourdough bread in french bakery

    Here is a video I've made last month at work. It describes all the process for making a traditional sourdough bread, from wood...

  • Sourdough starter help

    Hello! I am new to sourdough. I was given a starter that takes 1/2 cup of sugar, 3 tbsp of potato flakes, 1 cup of flour, plus 1...

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  • Banneton TWIN SET & Dough Scraper Duo $74.50 plus REGISTERED POST $15.65

    This kit comprises: 1. Quality plastic dough scraper by Thermo Hauser (Germany) 2. A standard type of dough cutter (Stainless and Plastic)...Read more

  • Starter & room temperature

    Hi In all the guides I have read they say that when producing starter it should be kept at 'room temperature'. Now 'room...

  • Help!

    I just started me starter yesterday with my yeast, warm water and flour, covered it with a cheese cloth and left it to sit out on...

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  • Brioche

    In the past I have had difficulty knowing just how much butter to add to sourdough brioche. I recently got the chance to experiment with a...Read more

  • Commercial Supply Hot Pita Bread Help

    Is there any Possible way to provide hot Pita Bread to end consumer from convenience/grocery stores. Every opinion/suggestion/...

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