Yes, the oven spring thing


I just joined this board and am nonplussed at the outset with how to ask for help with, well, the most common topic on this board -- getting the thing to spring. 

To start with the basics, yes:

1. My starter is plenty vigorous. I take it out of the fridge two days early and feed 2-3 times. It is foamy, it floats in water, and is usually about double in size. 

2. I've varied hyudration -- from as low as 65% up to 80%  Yes, autolyse. 

3. I fold severl times over a 4-four period, also have tried slap and fold. The dough has great structure when I finally put it in the bowl for overnight fermantaton. 

4. Overnight fermentation has ranged from as little as 4 hours up to 12-14 hours. 

With all that, when I take the dough out of the fridge and slide it onto an oven stone or into my dutch oven, it just seems to lose it. Looks like, well, a cow patty. It does not rise much in the oven, with temps around 400 degrees. 

I'm about ready to give up (or slip a little yeast into it and cheat). 

I love the taste of sourdough, but I clearly have to fix something here or discouragement will overtake me 





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